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Mosquito Trap Hosts (8)

You may contact the District during regular business hours at 559-732-8606 extension 111. We would like to thank you for your service to the community and your contribution to keeping District residents free from nuisance mosquitoes and mosquito-borne diseases.


All mosquitoes are counted and identified to species. These mosquitoes are also tested for viruses if there are at least 10 female mosquitoes of a species that is capable of transmitting West Nile Virus, St. Louis Encephalitis virus, or Western Equine Encephalitis virus.

No. Traps will collect mosquitoes from the general area. Depending on the mosquito species, they may be coming from a water source that is very close to the trap or one that is farther away. If you are concerned about potential sources in your yard, you can visit our prevention page for tips on what to look for, or use our online service request form or at 559-732-8606 for a free yard inspection.

You do not have to do anything to be a trap host. A technician will drop the trap off early in the morning once a week and pick it up the next day. Our goal with trap placement and pick up is to avoid disturbing the resident or interfering with their regular activities as much as possible.

No. Mosquito traps catch mosquitoes that are already in the general area of the trap.


Roughly 5 routine traps are placed per square mile of populated area. Trap hosts are selected to evenly spread these traps across this area. In general, technicians look for properties that have shaded areas such as bushes where a trap can be placed over night without being disturbed.

Mosquito traps provide routine surveillance data about the size of the mosquito population in that area and the presence of mosquito-borne diseases. This information is used by Delta Vector Control District to find and control existing mosquito sources in the area as well as to monitor ongoing control efforts. Visit our Programs & Services page for more information about vector surveillance.

A trap host is a property where a trap is placed once a week for an entire mosquito season (typically April to mid-October) or for a single night during the year. Residents voluntarily give permission for these traps to be placed on their property and play a crucial role in protecting their communities from mosquito-borne diseases.

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